Amorgos Island and Its Churches

Q. Where is the Island of Amorgos located?
A.= The Island of Amorgos is in Greece. It is located in the cyclades near the Dodecanese.Q. What does the word Dodecanese mean?

= Dodecanese comes from a greek word: dodeca=12, nisi=island, so the Dodecanese is a group of 12 islands.Q .In which area of Amorgos island are the churches located?
A= Several churches are located in HORA which is the most important town of the island. There are also many churches located throughout the island.

Q. How many churches does the island of Amorgos have?
A= More than 40 churches for a population of 2000 inhabitants?.Q. What type of churches are they?
A= The churches of Amorgos island are part of the Orthodox heritage.Q. Are the churches of Amorgos island considered as part of the national historical heritage?
A =Yes these churches were built in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Q. Why should such a small Greek island have so many churches?
A=The island of Amorgos has been under the Ottoman rule and law: people of Amorgos island didn't have to pay taxes if they built a small church on their land.Q. Which church is the most famous on Amorgos island?
A=The HOZOVIOTISSA MONASTERY built in the 11th century is the most famous church.

Q. Where is it located?
A=It is two km away from the town of Hora. It is located towards the north east sector of Amorgos island.Q. Are there any monks living there?
A=There are still few monks living in the monastery (about 5 or 6).

Q. Why is this monastery so famous?
A= The monastery has exposed a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary which has been found in the sea?having escaped the Iconoclastic period?They say that the famous icon has been taken to several places to be preserved: Cyprus, Minor Asia, Jerusalem. The monastery is also the ancient ORACLE of Amorgos island. Prophesies were made near the natural springs of water.Q.

What other element should be an interest for the visitors?
A=There is also a very old school which was operating sometime at the period of the Ottoman invasion .At the time, greek schools were forbidden in Greece. There were some classes taken place secretly in some churches, there was such a school in the Monastery of Amorgos.( krefa skolia or hidden schools).

Q. How can someone get to visit the Monastery HOZOVIOTISSA of Amorgos island?
A= There is a BUS service for the visitors. From HORA, the BUS will take you near the entrance, there is a stair to climb to go inside the church to see the icon.Q.

Which other churches should represent an interest for the visitor on Amorgos island in the Cyclades, in Greece?
A=Among all, we would suggest those (your choice is a matter of taste?): 1.Panagia Politissa church on Amorgos island Greece?is a very special church built at the Early Christian era. The old construction has been made within the remains of another more ancient building: an old temple of the Pre Christian era. 2. Aghios Georgios Valsamitis church on Amorgos island in Greece (Cyclades). 3.

Moni Hozoviotissa church on Amorgos island , in Greece,(Cyclades). 4. Panagia Kastriana church on Amorgos island, Greece, (Cyclades)?.a beautiful white church built on the top of a hill. 5. Agia Pareskevi church on Amorgos island, Greece, (Cyclades).

This big church looks rather like a cathedral. People of the village of Agia Pareskevi had built this church to be protected from their misfortune coming from the several attacks of pirates?months after months ? year after year?.


by S Pappas
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By: S Pappas


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