Las Vegas Centennial Party

Las Vegas turns 100 this year, on May 15th. Las Vegas Events (LVE) and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) have a mega-party planned to last all the next year round, debuting December 31st 2004. Las Vegas accustomed those who happen to drop by and pay a visit just the last day of the year, with fireworks extravaganza, live music, multicolored lights and people celebrating in the street. It is true, only a hundred years ago (that actually comply on 15th May 2005), Salt Lake Railroad Company was auctioning off a bunch of land-parcels, located just in the area that the modern reveler today knows as Fremont Street Experience.

Of course, this detail requests a special celebration, and Las Vegas people know about these things. They just decided to throw the biggest party in Las Vegas history. It starts on December 31st 2004, and spans through the whole year of 2005. Apparently, the highest concentration of events is planned throughout May, June and July 2005. Until then, there are still a lot of pleasant things going on in the Valley. .

By: Iulia Pascanu


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Las Vegas Centennial Party - Las Vegas turns 100 this year, on May 15th.

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