Mexico Baja California Sur - A Premier Tourist Destination

by Doug Fowler

Baja California Sur, one of the thirty-one states of Mexico, is known the world-over for its numerous tourist spots - breath-taking in their beauty and teeming with widespread life. The state is a unique combination of varied topography - ranging from mountainous land, desert lands, oasis, narrow canyons, islands and stretching coastlines being bordered by different water bodies. The state is steeped deep in the mysteries of the past.

Attractions La Paz, the Mexico Baja California Sur's capital, is a premier travel destination. The perfect balance between unspoiled natural surroundings and the quiet ambiance of town life presents a welcoming warmth, which the tourists find hard to resist. The Sea Of Cortez, known as 'world's aquarium' houses endemic life forms like dolphins, whales, hammer headed sharks, sea lions, manta rays and other marine lives.

Loreto is a fine blending of colonial heritage and modern structures. Magnificent cave paintings and the semi-desert niches sheltering endangered species add to the appeal of the spot. The gray whales, accompanied by their offsprings, boost the enthusiasm surrounding Loreto.

Los Cabos, a 32-mile corridor, is an outlandish beach of Mexico. It is the perfect place to chill out during vacations. The place is famous for its charismatic marinas and majestic golf courses.

These apart, Mexico Baja California Sur comprise a number of Islands and other attractions luring more and more visitors to this part of the world.

Activities Baja California Sur activities promise enough to unwind - lazing about in the peaceful bays or basking in the sun, strolling along its seaside waterfront or the white sandy beaches to hiking up canyons. Mexico Baja California Sur offers a bevy of activities that revitalize you mentally and physically. Exploring the underwater world while snorkeling, engaging self in sport fishing, diving with the dolphins, boating, etc. all guarantee good physical activity while a stroll around the historic museums or the handicraft shops are enough to stimulate the mind and the eyes. As regards excitement, Baja California Sur activities offer the best of the challenge sports like mountain biking and kayaking. The ancient cave paintings, remnants of the past era further add to the charm of the place.

Vacation Rentals As far as vacation rentals are concerned, Baja California Sur proffers excellent all-round facilities - lodging, fooding, and transport et al. The lodging facilities include five-star hotels and luxury condominiums like Casa Natalia, Danzante, Todos Santos Inn, Hacienda Santa Maria are only a few among them. In most cases, these vacation rentals are mansions or haciendas of the past eras remodeled/ reconstructed into vacation quarters. Recreational facilities are also part of the vacation-rental packages. Many professional tours covering the popular local attractions are conducted in the region. For these and your other transport needs, many car rental services maintain large fleets of cars and vans (economy to luxury rentals) throughout Baja California Sur. As regards cuisine, Mexico Baja California Sur promises some very palatable and appetizing cuisines of the region.

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