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With over 800 dialects and fifteen key languages, several religions including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism, various genres of art, architecture, literature, music and dance, and lifestyles sweeping from urban and pastoral to tribal, India is characterized by a multifarious culture. For the traveler, this cultural feast is the country's primary draw.Whether you're after adrenalin-pumping adventure, historical sightings or pristine beaches, scaling a mountainous peak or nightlong clubbing, India is a front-line tourist destination. Geographically speaking, there are few countries where you can go from tropical jungle to rugged mountains in less than 100 miles; the landscaped ranges from southern plains, riverside resorts, and beaches to vast deserts and snow-capped peaks.

Bordered in the north by the Himalayan mountain range, the peninsula narrows down to Cape Comorin, its southernmost point. In the west, it is kissed by the Arabian Sea while to the east lies the Bay of Bengal.Key attractions include the country's cultural heritage and medieval society, its royal palaces and temples, its religious practices and festivals. The wealth of Indian culture, underlined by a religious tinge, has fascinated generations of travelers who are deeply moved by Quwallies (songs in praise of the Prophet) at Ajmer-e-Sharief; recitation of Gurbani (verses from the Granth Sahib) at Banglasahib Gurudwara; melodious synchronization of temple bells at the holy city of Pushkar; and Sunday masses in Goa. The recognition and acceptance of diversity has made Indians tolerant of all religions. They coexist because they respect their right to be different.

Tourist attractions notwithstanding, Indians love revelry, and every little occasion from the harvesting of crops and welcoming spring or bidding goodbye to winters, lends itself to festive celebrations splashed with vibrant colors, folk dances and traditional songs. People from different religions celebrate festivals like Holi (Festival of Color) and Diwali (Festival of Lights) with aplomb. The splendor and joviality of Id and Guru Purab celebrations also encompass people from all walks.

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By: Alison Cole


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