Make Life More Rewarding a Quick Guide to Ensuring You Receive Free Rewards for Everyday Actions

For many people, the process of getting started with earning loyalty rewards can seem too hard. To help people just starting out I am providing this simple walkthrough guide. This guide is designed for people resident in the USA and is not suitable for people living elsewhere.

The order of steps is important - so please follow them in the order given.As a basic rule I advise people to join all the free programs available so that you can claim any available points - worst case scenario you will have wasted a few minutes of time, best case you will be eligible to claim an award you wouldn't otherwise have received.Step 1: Decide on your preferred reward type..This is relatively easy - there are 3 main rewards types:.

  • Airline or Hotel programs - earn miles or points redeemable for travel awards.
  • Cashback programs - receive cash as your award.
  • Points program - redeem points redeemable for a variety of awards, usually giftcards and similar products.Step 2: Select your preferred airline.Unfortunately there is no easy way to streamline this step.

    Here is some assistance:.Look at the specific amount of miles needed for your goal reward. For flights within the US and to Canada and Mexico virtually all the US airlines require the same amount of miles, however for flights to more exotic locations that amount of miles needed can vary - for example to fly from anywhere in the Continental USA to Sydney, Australia requires 60,000 United Airlines miles, 80,000 American Airlines miles, and an incredible 100,000 Continental, Delta or Northwest Airlines miles. If there is no clear difference in the miles required then it is usually best to select an airline with a major local presence in your area.

    Below is a quick summary of major US airlines domestic hub locations:.

  • Alaska Airlines - Anchorage, Portland, Seattle
  • Aloha Airlines - Honolulu
  • America West - Phoenix, Des Moines, Las Vegas
  • American Airlines - Chicago, Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Continental Airlines - Cleveland, Denver, Honolulu, Houston, Newark
  • Delta Airlines - Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Salt Lake City
  • Hawaiian Airlines - Honolulu
  • Northwest Airlines - Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Memphis
  • United Airlines - Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Washington DC
  • US Airways - Charlotte, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh.Once you have signed up for your primary airline it is probably best to sign up for all the other programs listed. This will allow you to easily take advantage of partnerships that other airlines may have as well as giving you access to special deals etc.See link at bottom of page for info on specific promotions.

    Step 3: Sign up for restaurant rewards.Since all the restaurant programs are all administered by the same company (Rewards Network) you will need to join the program of the preferred company chosen in steps 1 & 2. The restaurant programs offer either airline miles / hotel points or cashback.See link at bottom of page for info on specific promotions.Step 4: Sign up for offline shopping rewards.

    Register for the following programs which will automatically provide you with points or cashbacks when you shop at various retail stores.Also check to see if your local supermarket offers rewards points (and sign up for the program if they do).See link at bottom of page for info on specific promotions.

    Step 5: Sign up for free email rewards.Register for the following programs. They will send you emails which you earn points for reading. If you uncomfortable using your normal email address setup a free account with hotmail or yahoo (but make sure you check your email regularly and click on the confirmation links to earn your points / cashback).

    See link at bottom of page for info on specific promotions.Step 6: Check out earning opportunities from select utilities.Many telephone and other utilities companies offer rewards to new customers. See link at bottom of page for info on specific promotions.Step 7: Sign up for online shopping rewards.Sign up for any of the points and cashback based programs you haven't already signed up for.

    This will ensure you can easily take advantage of any offers, and will have less hastle when shopping online.See link at bottom of page for info on specific promotions.Step 8: Check you are earning the best rewards available with your Credit or Debit card..See link at bottom of page for info on specific promotions.Step 9: Begin earning rewards.

    Now that you are all set up you can start earning rewards for most of your activities.

    .Andrew Cram is a loyalty marketing expert. He maintains a large amount of resources on his website including links to register for each of the programs mentioned in this article.

    By: Andrew Cram


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