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Palawan is an island province which is surrounded with 1780 islands and islets. It is also surrounded by a coral reef that if full of diverse and colorful marine life which is why it has been declared a nature sanctuary. Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan, is the main harbor and the center of trade and commerce. The municipality of el Nido at the northernmost point of Palawan is a popular tourist spot.

Other tourist spots in Palawan include: Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary The 3700 hectare Calauit Island is sanctuary to both African and Palawan wildlife threatened with extinction. President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Calauit as a game preserve and wildlife sanctuary in August 1976. >From Manila, take a one hour and 30 minute flight to Busuanga and upon arrival at the Yulo King Ranch you can take a jeep to Decalatiao Wharf, 30 minutes away. From there you can take a 3 hour boat ride to Calauit island.

In Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary you can see African animals like giraffes, zebras, impalas, waterbucks, bushbacks, and gazelles. They live in together with common Philippine animals like the bearcat, Palawan peacock pheasant, Calamian deer, mousedeer, Philippine crocodile and sea turtles. Accommodations are available for overnighters. St. Paul Underground River >From the Puerto Princesa market, you can take a jeep or a contracted vehicle for a 2 and a half ride to Bahile Wharf.

Small boats along the wharf may be contracted for a day trip to the river. From here, a 2.1 kilometer hike towards the river entrance follows. Bahile is approximately 76 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City. The Underground river of Mount Saint Paul is one of Palawan's most famous spots. By the river's mouth one could find a beautiful lagoon with clear waters teeming with fish.

Eight kilometers inland, St Paul's Underground River is traversable for at least four kilometers. On board a tiny boat or banca with outriggers, outfitted with kerosene lamps, you will enter a new and mystical world with pitch dark interiors. Inside are huge stalactites that have been forming for hundreds of years.

Honda Bay Islands Located in Sta. Lourdes, in Tagburos, it consists of the following islands: Snake Island, Cowrie Island, Starfish Island, Meana Marina Island, Loli Island and Pandang Island. >From Puerto Princesa, you must head for the Sea Lourdes Harbour in Tagburos which is about 10 kilometers north of the city. There you can rent out pumpboats to take you to the different islands. It is a perfect opportunity for island hopping and other water related activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Another island, Bat Island, is so called because of the thousands of bats that could be seen hanging on the mangroves during the day.

It would probably take more than one trip to discover all of the wonders that Palawan has to offer. Be prepared to want to come back. Recommended Lodgings: Club Paradise Palawan Dimakya Island, Coron, Palawan Manila Contact Number: (02)8384956 to 63 Dos Palmas Island Resort Arreceffi Island, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa City (048)4343118 Manila Contact Number: (02)6374226 or (02)6374236 Miniloc Island Resort Miniloc Island, El Nido, Palawan Manila Contact Number: (02)8945644 .

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