Pittsburghese A Funny And Interesting SW Pennsylvania Way Of Speaking

People who live in or around Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania may confuse you with their local Southwestern Pennyslvania dialect and colloquialisms.What I'm talking about here is their unique way of speaking and expressing themselves. It is a local way of speaking called: Pittsburghese. Let me give you a few examples of what you might hear them say with my phonetic translations of their words.

Examples of Pittsburgese:
Pittsburgh residents all go to dahntahn (downtown) Pixturgh (Pittsburgh) Pensivania (Pennsylvania) and they will be the first to tell yunz (all of you) that their first love is for their much cherished Pixburgh Stillers (Pittsburgh Steelers) football team. Of course, Pickurgh Stillers team members are completely unaware just how "crafty" those loyal fans of theirs can be.For instance, two matronly gals (avid Stillers fans, by the way) I know who have lived in Pixburgh all their lives tell me that they sometimes spy on Stillers (Steelers) team members and watch them as they snack on a chipped chopped ham (processed ham sliced paper thin) sammitch (sandwitch) or a jumbo (bologna) sammitch and drink a pop (carbonated beverage) or two in a dahntahn (downtown) Pixburgh(Pittsburgh) eatery before a Stillers (Pittsburgh Steelers) football game.Now when it comes to making craft items, here is how my Pixburgh friends would describe their products:.They would say we make crocheted dolls, the best dish cloths yins (all of you) would ever use.

Also, attractively packaged Reindeer Noses, Elf Pillows, Snowman Poop, Magic reindeer snacks and a unique mix and match selection of Reindeer Noses and Elf Pillows.In short, these nebby (nosey) crafter friends of mine are sure to reddup (cleanup) and satisfy all of yunz (all of your) holiday gift giving needs with their crafts.Needless to say none of these crafty items are made of local Picksburgh (Pittsburgh) rhn (iron).

Also, keep in mind - you have to pay close attention to both of these gals when dealin' with them 'cause they both love to tell you, with a smile, they are not jaggin yer wires (joking with you) and there is not really no jaggin around (fooling) when it come to the quality of the crafts they make. In fact, I was told that before they start to sew any of the craft items or package anything they make - they will always remember to do as their moms used to tell them as children: "Worsh yur hans under the spickit (spigot) before yins (both of you) reddup yer crafty things for the folks out there!".There was once a time when one of the gals used to call out to her partner and say: "Git me a gumban" (get me a rubber band) so I can reddup (clean up) these packages before they get slippy (slippery) and fall to the floor!" But, as it happens modern methods have taken the place of those old gumbans (rubber bands) and made them a thing of the past in their production of craft items.In fact, the last time I saw these colorfully speaking two gals a few weeks ago, they were wearing their bright self-made babushkas (head coverings) as they walked along the sidewalk toward the colorfully speaking, very friendly and ultra-redneck part of dahntahn Picksburgh. All yins reddup now and listen closely.


Terry Weber, is a retired advertisng copywriter, inventor and resident of Toms River, NJ. Terry writes and invents and sells his sleep masks and other originals on his website: Terry and his wife Doris use proceeds of sales to pay their travel expenses to and from volunteer Habitat For Humanity builds in various parts of the USA.

By: Terry Weber


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