Residence Linareva Near Haapiti on Moorea Island

Ahhhh, the South Pacific! I have dreamed since I was a little kid to visit the islands, swim in the blue lagoon waters, bask in the sunshine, . This all came true recently. We spent a few weeks in French Polynesia. Our first stop was Moorea. We did not want to completely empty our bank account so we opted not to stay in one of the large resorts with over the water bungalows.

One night at these places would have cost us more than our entire stay in Moorea. Here is what we though of Linareva .We arrived by plane from Tahiti early in the morning. We had previously organized transfer to Linareva. Upon our arrival we were immediately greeted with the wodnerful location of Linareva.

The water was smooth as glass, there were more colorful fish here than in most aquariums and the backdrop with the vulcanic peaks amazed us. Our selection was for a room with air-conditioning (recommended). It can get hot here and some cool air is welcome.

The hut or the Tahitian grass "fare", as they call it, that we had was very basic. It did have all the ammenities we wanted but they were modest. At night, we were bothered by all sorts of bugs, like large cockroaches, spiders and the like. Sort of interrupted our sleep if you know what I mean . We did not mind the geckos .

The small kitchen that was included proved valuable since around here there are no restaurants (apart from the one owned by Linareva). We opted not to have the breakfast included (it did not include much protein which we need). Instead, we would bike to the nearest grocery store, buy eggs, baguettes, cheese, milk etc. and prepare it ourselves.

There is a small eating area outside the fare overlooking the Pacific. The beach here was not that great. We would paddle out to the reef and swim in the most wonderful blue waters there. There is a nice swimming area by the small pier. You will swim along side very exotic fish here.

Kayaks and bikes at Linareva are free for guests. Bikes are really crappy though. The reception is on the restaurant boat. At night, there did not seem to be anyone there. This was a bit weird being usually used to having a 24 hour reception at your disposal.Nature is beautiful around Linareva.

Unlike most places on Moorea, here you might be the only person in the water, enjoying the scenery for yourself. There is a certain seclusion. Sunsets are some of the best anywhere I have been to in the world. If you like this and do not mind the bugs this is a place for you. We appreciated it more; the more we stayed here.

It definitely felt like we were at least somewhat submerged in the South Pacific lifestyle . Recommended for people who would like to taste a bit of real South Pacific.

.Michael Philip is one of the editors and contributors for the web site. is a travel information web site and community. Reviews of restaurants, hotels, airlines and other travel resources are provided from first hand accounts.Residence Linareva 1.

5km North of Happiti PK 34,5 Moorea, Tahiti (689) 55.05.65.

By: Michael Philip


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