Mexico: the land of Romantic Beaches

by Douglas Foster


Mexico: the land of Romantic Beaches

Mexico is a diverse country and a millennial culture with the Olmecan tribe being the first civilization that appeared around 1500 years BC. Mexico is rich in traditions, history, art and religion offering a complete tourist infrastructure that guarantees a comfortable and secure stay of those visiting its different destinations. Mexico has everything!

Mexico is so full of wonderful, exciting, and romantic destinations ; it is hard to know where to begin. It is surrounded by 4 coasts: The Sea of Cortes, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Golf of Mexico. With so much coastline it has a large number of romantic beaches to visit.

Here are a few: In Los Cabos, at the southern end of Baja California, you can spend some incredible days together. Its beauty and splendor, the wide selection of activities that you can partake in during the day and its nightlife are some of the reasons that qualify it as the ideal place for going away on your honeymoon. In its streets you can find restaurants, night clubs and establishments for golf and fishing enthusiasts. Los Cabos has everything: five-star hotels that offer magnificent suites, bungalows on the beach, villas and luxury lodging with an ocean view.

Surrounded by beautiful nature, Manzanillo, on the west coast, is one of the most marvelous and merry beach resorts for you to enjoy your honeymoon. Its beaches are blessed with fine sand and gentle surf. Visiting this port means enjoying nature in its greatest possible splendor, amidst an atmosphere full of tradition. It is a very pleasant city whose wonderful beaches constitute an important tourist attraction and are complemented by a complete range of first class services.

On the east coast, in the state of Quintana Roo, Cancun offers ocean, scuba diving, expeditions, culture, gastronomy and an exciting nightlife besides great enjoyment of water sports. It is the height of modern tourism and covers the most beautiful marine landscapes in its outskirts. On one of its extreme ends, the beach touches the Caribbean Sea, on the other extreme end; the beach borders the Bay of Women.

From Cancun you can take excursions along the Mayan Riviera, where you may find temples, cities, monuments and sculptures of America's most important civilization. It has 130 kilometers of beach, natural reserves and many tourist destinations. Yes, Mexico has lots to offer the first time tourist or the returning traveler. Interested in this subject?

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